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Get to know Karakaya Talks, a group of German youngsters of migrant origins who, angry at how they saw the traditional media too often portrayed them, decided to use social media to do it their way. 


In this issue, we share the findings of our Project Oasis research on reader revenue, and in particular on crowdfunding. We spoke to Alain Gresh, founder of Orient XXI, an online magazine that covers news from Morocco to Afghanistan and is supported by annual crowdfunding. Check it out!


We talked with Taras Yatsenko, co-founder of Tvoe Misto, a local media outlet from western Ukraine where we found a spark of hope, even though our first attempt to have an interview was delayed due to a cyberattack.


We talked with Besa Luci from Kosovo 2.0, a media outlet that, despite limited human and financial resources, covers in-depth topics such as human rights, the environment, economy, and politics, and publishes in five languages.


We talked to Thomas Hedin of the Danish media outlet Tjekdet: “With our biases and the lack of representation in the media, fact-checking becomes even more important.” Do you agree?

Get to know Mutante, a Colombian media outlet that fosters social conversations and innovates at every stage of the media production and distribution process.

We interviewed media leaders from Europe and Latin America who have decided to invest in sales.


We learned about how journalists are creating organizations operated by, and for the benefit of, its members.


In our first edition we explored the relationship between gender and sustainability through the findings of Project Oasis Europe.


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