SembraMedia’s management team leads the organization’s strategy and operations with the support and guidance of the Board of Directors. They design and oversee all of the research, training, and the development of initiatives that we offer to our community of independent digital media organizations. In addition, the team builds international partnerships to enhance the organization’s impact.

Cofounder and Executive Director, SembraMedia

Janine Warner is the cofounder and executive director of SembraMedia. She also is journalist, author, and entrepreneur.

General Manager

Maru leads SembraMedia’s directors and projects. She also drives the strategy and team development for the entire organization.

Finance Director

Mica supervises financial management. She leads the development and control of budgets, and the creation of reports and projections. She also guides the implementation of solid accounting practices.

Development Director

Laura coordinates SembraMedia’s fundraising activities with SembraMedia’s directors and Communications Team. She identifies funding opportunities, and creates proposals, presentations and reports.

Director of Communications

Naimid is the lead for SembraMedia’s internal and external communications. He coordinates SembraMedia’s communities by working with the organization’s ambassadors and communications team.

Director of Innovation

Daniela is in charge of product and system design to further the growth of both SembraMedia and the wider digital media ecosystem.

Director of Accelerator Programs and Mentorship

Flor leads programming initiatives for SembraMedia at a regional level. Her focus areas include the coordination and organization of the GNI Startups Lab Hispanoamérica and SembraMex media accelerator

Education Director

Sofia is the coordinator for SembraMedia’s Virtual Entrepreneurial Journalism School. She also manages SembraMedia initiatives focused on education.


This diverse team is responsible for SembraMedia’s daily operations, as well as our ongoing growth and development. They bring experience in communications, technology, education, finance and more.

Director of Project Oasis

Ana leads the development of the Project Oasis Global Directory, coordinating regional teams and boosting the impact of this digital media map.

Coordinator of Institutional Development

Soledad coordinates SembraMedia’s institutional development, overseeing the monitoring and evaluation of the organization’s initiatives.

Communications Coordinator

Ana coordinates both external and internal communications for SembraMedia. She carries out operational tasks related to publishing and sharing information about SembraMedia’s initiatives.

Leader of Visual Identity

Carol manages SembraMedia’s social media, adapting the organization’s content for social networks and fostering conversation with SembraMedia virtual communities. She supports the communications team.

Education Coordinator

Daniela is part of SembraMedia’s education department. She manages education and training initiatives, working to coordinate these projects with different areas of SembraMedia.

Institutional Administrator

Martina provides administrative support for SembraMedia. She manages benefits and payments for the operating team, and provides support to the finance area.

Project Manager

Chiara provides support for our various acceleration and mentoring programs for media and journalists.

Technical Support Coordinator

Mery supports the Innovation Team by helping meet the technological needs of the operational team, grantees, and our organization’s consultants.

Europe Project Oasis Team Coordinator

Miguel coordinates communications for the Project Oasis team in Europe. He provides support for press strategy, events, and the promotion of this research and media directory.

Impact Analyst

Fabi plans, monitors and analyzes the impacts reported by the SembraMedia team. In addition, he writes reports and trains on data systematization.

Magalí is in charge of reviewing, maintaining and optimizing SembraMedia’s databases. She analyzes and supports the organization’s research and digital media directories.

Data Manager

Eri works both with the Management Team and the Operations Team in data analysis.

Project Manager

Gamarí is part of the Education Team. She manages training and educational initiatives, along with other areas.

Web designer

Nahuel manages our organization’s technological solutions. He is always looking for improvements and keeping our websites up to date.

Full Stack Developer
Administrative Assistant

Lourdes provides support to various areas in the onboarding and offboarding processes for contractors, ensuring efficient management at all stages.

Community Manager

Nastasja manages SembraMedia’s social media, adapting the organization’s content for social networks and fostering conversation with SembraMedia’s virtual communities. She supports the communications

Editorial Consultant

Andrés is in charge of reviewing, editing and optimizing SembraMedia’s internal and external content in Spanish.

Katherine is in charge of editing English-language texts for SembraMedia’s communications.

Project Oasis Research Manager, Southern Europe

Elena is the regional research manager for Project Oasis in Southern Europe. She coordinates a group of 12 researchers contributing to the European SembraMedia directory and related study.

Project Oasis Research Manager, Northern Europe

Sanne is the regional research manager for Project Oasis in Northern Europe. She coordinates a group of 15 researchers contributing to the European SembraMedia directory and related study.

Project Oasis Research Manager, Central and Eastern Europe

Lela is the regional research manager for Project Oasis in Central and Eastern Europe. She coordinates a group of 15 researchers contributing to the European SembraMedia directory and related study.


SembraMedia’s diverse team of ambassadors represents a network of networks that includes more than a thousand digital media projects in 24 countries in Latin America, Spain, Canada and the United States. They are involved in an ongoing research project that involves mapping and studying the ever-changing independent digital media ecosystem. They are also responsible for creating and managing our comprehensive digital media directory. Their research, and the communities they have created together, form the foundation of all of our training programs and initiatives. In addition to working as consultants for SembraMedia, our ambassadors are journalists, professors, and entrepreneurs.
Ambassadors coordinator

Abraham is an academic at the School of Communication at the Universidad Anáhuac Cancún. He helps coordinate the Media Directory and is an ambassador for SembraMedia in Mexico.

Ambassadors coordinator

José is a journalist with expertise in corporate and institutional communication. He helps coordinate the Media Directory and is an ambassador for SembraMedia in Spain.

Ambassador for Argentina

Ana Paula is a journalist and political scientist. She is the Development Manager at 8000, a hyperlocal media organization in Bahía Blanca.

Ambassador for Bolivia

Fabi is a feminist communicator. He writes about journalism, the internet and rights. He participated in disruptive journalism projects such as the La Pública platform and the chronicles magazine Rasc

Ambassador for Chile

Alexis teaches at the School of Communications at Chile’s Universidad UNIACC. He is a digital communication consultant, a digital advisor for Diario El Rancagüino, and the head of the Academia DataFa

Ambassador for Colombia

Sara is the director and founder of Sillón Estudios, the podcast production company behind “Presunto Podcast”, “Expertos de Sillón” and the Latin American podcasting festival Podcastinación.

Ambassador for Costa Rica

Mónica is a photojournalist and co-founder of El Colectivo 506, a national media outlet focused on solutions journalism.

Katia has a degree in social communication. She is an entrepreneur and the founder of the blog and digital communication agency La Penúltima Casa. She also created and hosts the podcast El Pitch.

Ambassador for El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala

Laura is a sociologist, journalist, and feminist who is also the director of Alharaca, a digital, independent media organization. She earned a PhD in sociology from the Free University of Berlin.

Ambassador for Ecuador

Ana María is a journalist with experience in political analysis, research, data verification, and fact-checking. She is also interested in digital communication.

Ambassador for the US

Natalie Van Hoozer is a bilingual journalist and translator in Reno, Nevada. She works for KUNR Public Radio, Northern Nevada’s NPR member station, and Noticiero Móvil.

Ambassador for Nicaragua

Arlen is the editor of the Human Rights microsite at La Prensa and an independent consultant.

Ambassador for Paraguay

Desirée is a journalist, photographer, and the co-founder of Ciencia del Sur.

Ambassador for Peru

Alejandra is a journalist with a master’s degree in agency journalism from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and Agencia EFE.

Ambassador for Puerto Rico

José is a journalist, blogger and director of Puerto Rico BloggerCon, a convention that brings together digital content creators from throughout the Island.

Ambassador for the Dominican Republic

Indhira is a professor at the Instituto Tecnológico in Santo Domingo, D.R. She is an experienced cultural journalist and broadcaster, and a Fulbright Scholar.

Ambassador for Uruguay

Mandy is the Audience and Social Media Editor at the Uruguayan outlet Búsqueda, and a member of the LATAM Network of Journalists.

Ambassador for Venezuela

Carmen is a journalist specializing in project management. She is the executive director of Runrun.es, and the coordinator of the Network of Women Peacebuilders and MujeresReferentes.com.