It is a virtual training program for journalists and social entrepreneurs in Argentina, conducted in partnership with FOPEA. The goal of this incubator is to support and facilitate the launch of new media outlets in the country, prioritizing news deserts and semi-deserts areas.

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Red de Profes is a network of professors who teach entrepreneurial journalism and other business, innovation and digital journalism classes. The program emerged from a study we published in 2018 (available in English and Spanish). Our Profes website includes resources in Spanish, a proposed curriculum, and information about how to join the network.

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Our initiatives are based on our extensive research and provide training, consulting, and funding to help journalism entrepreneurs build more sustainable media organizations.

This is a training program for journalists, social entrepreneurs, and people without professional experience who are passionate about the role of journalism in civic life. The program seeks to support innovative ideas to cover news deserts in the region.

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This program began as a proposal to strengthen independent digital journalism in Argentina; in 2023, it will reach all of Latin America. It is an education and acceleration program for digital native media in which we aim to boost the sustainability and innovation of their projects through training, consulting and financing.

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It is a training program for digital media consultants from Latin America in which they will work for six months in the main areas for the development of a media outlet: product, audiences, business models, metrics, among others. It will also seek to be a dynamic community of learning and international mutual support.

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Metis is a mentoring program designed to help women founders of Latin American digital media build stronger leadership and business skills. The program combines mentoring with expert training sessions and all participants are required to share their stories in order to inspire others in the media ecosystem. (Read more in Spanish.)

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It is an initiative that aims to empower those who are leading changes in the media in Latin America. We want to support these talents so that they can consolidate dynamic teams and agile, inclusive and diverse work spaces where they can develop journalism at the service of their audience.

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Velocidad is a business accelerator for media organizations in Latin America. The objective is to improve the sustainability of digital native media with the goal of fostering editorial independence, journalistic impact and public interest. Learn more in English, Spanish, and Portuguese at Velocidad.fund.

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Google News Initiative Startups Lab Hispanoamérica is an accelerator for Spanish-language independent digital media that supports the development of journalistic ventures and the personal growth of the team members behind those ventures. During the program, digital media entrepreneurs strengthen their organizations’ business models, expand their understanding of their audiences, and design innovative teamwork strategies.

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SembraTEC was designed to provide small grants and training to Spanish-language media sites to help them use technology to build better relationships with their audiences and explore new sources of revenue. As part of this pilot program, we created a toolkit in Spanish with programs and services that help foster engagement and monetization.

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Developing a business model is a challenge for any entrepreneur, but creating a sustainable, and independent media business in areas of conflict is even more complex. To help overcome these challenges, SembraMex provides online training and intensive consulting support for independent digital media that conduct investigative journalism and cover news along the US-Mexico border.

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SembraEducativo is a scholarship program for entrepreneurial journalists in Latin America. Through virtual classes in the SembraMedia school, as well as highly interactive webinars, we train journalists on topics related to sustainability, including income diversification, team and audience management, fundraising and more.

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