Project Oasis seeks to find opportunities, challenges, and best practices among independent digital native media organizations. The media directories featured on this page represent ongoing research projects that map and study the ever-changing digital news media ecosystem.
SembraMedia is leading a group of allies in expanding this research by combining data from around the world to better recognize global trends, and give these vital media players greater visibility.

Global directory

In 2024, SembraMedia will launch the first phase of a new global media directory, which will include data from Europe, the United States, Canada, Hispanoamerica, and Brazil. We will also be seeking allies to help us add media from Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

Media in Hispanoamérica

SembraMedia created its first directory of media in 2015 to map independent digital journalism in Spanish. That ongoing project has become the foundation of a community of media entrepreneurs that includes more than 1,000 native digital media outlets in Latin America, Spain, Canada, and the United States.

Media in Europe

Launched in 2022, Project Oasis Europe is an ongoing research project, which features more than 500 media outlets from 44 European countries. Led by SembraMedia, in collaboration with regional partners, it features a report with the key findings on the sustainability, innovation, and impact of the independent native digital media ecosystem in Europe.

Media in the U.S. and Canada

In North America, Project Oasis is a directory of local digital media in the United States and Canada. This research project was created by LION Publishers, the UNC Hussman School of Journalism and Media, Douglas K. Smith, and Google News Initiative. Published in 2020, it also provides a guide for media startups and a series of support materials.



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