Every year, we create a report to tell the story of SembraMedia’s progress toward our mission: to empower diverse voices in digital media to publish valuable information with independence, journalistic integrity, and positive impact in their communities.

In addition to holding us accountable to our donors, crafting these reports gives us the opportunity to reflect on our work, recognize achievements and impacts, and share lessons learned. Please take some time to explore our annual reports to date.


A record-breaking year in terms of initiatives and projects. We covered a wide range of needs in the global ecosystem of independent journalism: from building a new directory of digital media in Europe, to a program aimed at people leading changes in legacy media in Latin America.

A year of growth for SembraMedia during which we deepened our commitment to the sustainability of digital media. We expanded our network of ambassadors even further, our team grew, and we reached more journalists and media professionals through programs, events, and online classes. We also completed a second edition of our Inflection Point International study, expanding it by adding analysis of media organizations in Southeast Asia and Africa.

Due to the pandemic, media organizations’ revenue and sponsorships began to fall, and media outlets had to lay off staff and declare bankruptcy. 2020 was a year full of challenges, but also one in which we at SembraMedia further developed our strengths as a remote team. We also supported media organizations to help them develop the financial security necessary to allow them to survive as independent media organizations.